10 Quick Truths About Introverts

10 Quick Truths About Introverts

For my Introvert Wednesday post this week, I thought I would simply list 10 things that are true about introverts.  Short and sweet.  And, I’m sure there’s many more – so please post any that I’ve missed in the comment below.

10 quick truths about introverts:

1. We like people.

2. We love to lead others.

3. We don’t just prefer time alone, we need time alone.

4. We are quiet because we are thinking, not because we are upset, mad, angry, etc.

5. We can be really good public speakers.

6. We feel like our introversion is something to hide – especially in the workplace.

7. We often have to explain why we’re so quiet, reserved, etc.

8. We can be creative, too.

9. We can be some of the most loyal employees, friends, spouses, etc.

10. We are tired of pretending to be extroverts…it wears us out.

Which of these are the truest for you?  Extroverts, were you surprised by any of these?  Leave some comments below and let’s start a conversation…

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