5 Attributes of Successful Leaders

5 Attributes of Successful Leaders

I have had the fortune of interacting with some very high-performing leaders over the years.  Some of these were successful entrepreneurs who started their businesses from nothing and made them multi-million dollar organizations.  Others were tough, nitty-gritty leaders who came in and turned organizations around.  While others were CEO’s, COO’s, Senior Pastors, and many other high-level positions who led their organizations into sustained periods of prosperity.

While each of these men and women were different in the person they were, there are some commonalities that I believe are essential to leaders who want to be successful in what they do. Here are 5 that I’ve identified:

  1. They Have an Unquenchable Passion for what they do.  Whether it was educating tomorrow’s workforce, getting packages to homes on time for Christmas, or leading people towards a relationship with Jesus Christ – each of the leaders I have observed had a passion for both their work and the mission of their organization that couldn’t be stopped, minimized, or taken away.
  2. They Have a Foundational Belief in Their People.  This isn’t just an internal feeling on their part.  They believe in the people they work with and they talk about it often.  They get out of the way and allow their people to do what they do best and allow room for the occasional error.
  3. They Know How and When To Celebrate.  High performing leaders will often work their people hard and it can seem to be an arduous relationship.  But, when the goals are achieved or the mountain has been climbed, the successful leader will celebrate with their team in a big way.  And, he/she will be the first to have fun – and give everyone a glimpse into their lives because they are able to let down their barriers (which are sometimes necessary in the day-to-day).
  4. They Pay Attention to the Details.  It might be numbers (sales, attendance, etc.), it might be marks on the walls in the lobby, or it might be how the receptionist answers the phone.  Successful leaders pay attention to the details and they are interested in them.  They understand that, although they may need to more sales, details separate mediocre companies from successful ones.
  5. They Confront Issues Head On.  They don’t wait – they are the first one to pick up the phone and call the disgruntled employee or unhappy customer.  They are typically solutions oriented and they understand that the faster an issue gets resolved, the faster solutions get implemented.  Often, successful leaders understand that behind every issue are some truths that need to be addressed by everyone involved.

What would you add to this list?  Do any of these describe your leadership?  Let me know by posting your comments below.

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