GLS 2017 Day Two – Juliet Funt Session Notes

GLS 2017 Day Two – Juliet Funt Session Notes

This year, I’m attending The Global Leadership Summit from the satellite location at my home church in Avon, IN.  Once again, I’m sharing my notes from this excellent event here on my blog.  So, tune in for the next 2 days and catch the notes from each of the speakers.

It’s my hope that these notes will not only add value to you as a leader, but also give you some practical ideas to share the notes with your team.  Lastly, head over to my Facebook page to join in on the conversation and let’s share our favorite quotes and take-aways there!

The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day event telecast LIVE in HD from Willow’s campus near Chicago every August to hundreds of locations in North America. Throughout the fall, Summit events take place at an additional 675+ sites in 125 countries and 59 languages.


CEO, Whitespace at Work

Juliet Funt, a recognized consultant and speaker, founded Whitespace at Work with the mission to unearth the potential of companies by unburdening their talent. A warrior against reactive busyness, Funt teaches a streamlined method for personal process improvement that reduces complexity in the workplace. Teams that incorporate Whitespace mindsets and skill-sets increase creativity and engage – ment, reclaim lost capacity and execute at their finest.

  • We are becoming less and less comfortable with the “pause”
  • Our schedules are overflowing and the pause is becoming a memory
  • Having no pause has a cost
  • The pause is the space where we slow down enough where new ideas can grace us
  • The pause has been squeezed out of our schedule
  • We live at 100% exertion and 0% thoughtfulness
  • We are too busy to become less busy
  • We don’t really examine the costs to worshiping the false god of busyness
  • In office environments we tolerate busyness over thoughtfulness
  • Whitespace is a strategic pause taken between activities
  • Whitespace can be multiple lengths of time – but they become the oxygen that causes everything else to catch fire
  • Great leaders naturally use whitespace
  • Not whitespace:
    • Meditation
    • Mind wandering
    • Mindfulness
  • Busyness always feels like it’s our fault
  • Drivers that fuel overload – thieves of productivity:
    • Drive
    • Excellence
    • Information
    • Activity
  • Recognizing the four thieves when they happen is the key to overcoming them
  • Your time in the space of thieves will be filled
  • Defeat the thieves with these questions:
    • Is there anything I can let go of? (Drive)
    • Where is “good enough”, good enough? (Excellence)
    • What do I truly need to know? (Information)
    • What deserves my attention? (Activity)
  • These questions will change the way your team works forever
  • Digital learning on whitespace:
  • The problem with email is not quantity – it’s the assumption of real-time response
  • Email was created to be asynchronous
  • Codes for the outbound email you send:
    • NYR: Need your response
    • NYRT: Need your response today
    • NYRQ: Need your response quick
    • NYR – NBD: Need your response next business day
  • Some people find out too late that they missed the ride
  • The business part of all of this is important, but it’s more important to build whitespace in your family and your homes

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