Interview With Jeff Goins On Finding Your Calling

Interview With Jeff Goins On Finding Your Calling

Many years ago, I was working my way through life.  I was moving up the corporate ladder and making good money.  I worked long hours and experienced success.  As the years went by, I thrived in what I was doing and was often told how impressive my quick climb into leadership was.  Life was good.  Or was it?

Through those years, I always sensed that something was missing.  It was hard for me to put my finger on exactly, but I didn’t feel “complete” in what I was doing…  Then, one day, I discovered what was missing – CALLING!

Jeff Goins, from, released his latest book called The Art Of Work – and it addresses just that…calling.  I had the pleasure of reading the book early, and it’s amazing!  Whether you are doing what you were meant to do or you’re still trying to figure out what “it” is, this book is for you!

Today, I bring you my interview with Jeff where we talk about calling, purpose, work, and life.  I highly recommend getting his book – and when you do, Jeff is giving you $250 worth of freebies to help you apply what he has written about in his book.


You can grab the book here.  Comment below and let me know where you’re at on the journey of discovering your calling…

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