The Basics of Christian Leadership

The Basics of Christian Leadership

In the Bible we have some of the best examples of leadership that can be found any where.  It is a literal resource of Christian leadership and one that all leaders can fund nuggets of wisdom to help them get better at leading others.  As a Christian, it’s important that we understand some basics about leadership as it relates to our faith and apply some foundational things to our lives as we seek to lead others well.

  • Be a student of the Word.  We read magazines and blogs with leadership tips and tricks.  We attend expensive leadership development seminars and conferences.  How much more important is it that we are reading God’s Word on a daily basis in order to improve our leadership?  If we are reading His Word, we are going to be in tune with His will and His ideas about what are best for our lives.
  • Pray often.  Pray for those that we lead and for ourselves as leaders.  Pray for the organization that we work in.  Pray before a big decision or a tough conversation.  Pray to give thanks for successes when they come your way.  Pray that your job will be a place of ministry.  Prayer will help you as a leader to make better decisions, be calmer in the face of adversity, and more successful in your relationships with others.
  • Treat everyone with respect, dignity, and love.  It seems that this is easier to do in our churches than in our jobs.  Even when we are reprimanding or terminating an employee, we should do so with compassion and love.  When we didn’t get that raise that we know we deserved, we should treat others with respect and love.  Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean that we allow others to treat us poorly, but it’s all wrapped up in how we choose to react to those moments.
  • Face conflict with humility.  When you work and lead others, conflict will happen.  You can count on it.  It can be scary and intimidating to face conflict and handle it appropriately.  Conflict can be the one thing that will ruin your day.  However, when we handle it with humility and the understanding that people are flawed and that we are not perfect either, it makes confronting and handling conflict easier and better.
  • Let joyful be the word others use to describe you.  Change is a reality in any business or organization.  Just like conflict, it is inevitable.  You’ll get a new boss.  You’ll be transferred to another department.  You will get more tasks added to your already overflowing plate.  The company will change how they handle different policies and procedures.  As a follower of Christ, we should always show ourselves as joyful.  It doesn’t mean that these things do not upset us or worry us.  But, it does mean that our God is bigger than these things.  And when we’re face with change or other negative parts of our jobs, we can pray to our God and He will hear us from heaven.
  • Take time to care for those you lead.  Our leadership is our ministry.  You are where you are because God placed you there.  You have the opportunity to impact those that you lead and those that work along side you.  People may seem like a burden sometimes, but they are the reason you are where you you are.  Take time to appreciate them.  Ask them how they’re doing.  Get to know them and find ways to bless them.
  • Share your faith with others.  If you have done the things outlined here, then the opportunity to share your faith should and will naturally arise.  I remember often at my last job when I was able to minister to people that were hurting or struggling with things.  It was an open door for me to share my faith with them.  I’m sure that you have those that you work with who need to know about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

What have I missed?  Which of these do you find the most difficult to do in your current leadership position?  Comment below…

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  1. Connie Terpack

    This article could pertain to any Christian, not just leaders.

    1. So true Connie! Great point! Although, I think we are all leaders in some way… But this list is definitely one that is good for all Christians to read and apply. Thanks so much for commenting!

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