The Sunday Punch Team

The Sunday Punch Team

In May 2014, Kyle Burke and I launched a church coaching and consulting organization called The Sunday Punch Team.  It is our heart to help churches, pastors, and church leaders get better at some things that aren’t taught in seminary and are somewhat specialized by nature.

We are often asked about the name.  Well, the Sunday Punch is a term from boxing that is given to the punch that finally knocks an opponent out.  And, as the Church, we are all “fighting the good fight” striving to knock our opponent out.

Our first three areas are:

What we’ve found is that pastors and church leaders are passionate about preaching, teaching, leading, and serving others.  But, they’re not passionate about the other things that come along with the job.  In fact, these topics add stress to their lives and often distract them from the ministry that God has called them to.  It drains their energy and leads to burn out, sleepless nights, and countless other issues.

We want to help!

Each of the different areas come with monthly coaching videos as well as easy-to-use and easy-to-understand resources.  We encourage you to grab a team to go through each of the sessions together (at no extra cost) so that you can all learn the same things and begin understanding these areas better and speak the same language about each one.

So, go check us out and let me know what you think!  If you have some pastors or other church leaders that you know, please forward this along to them!  I look forward to serving you and your church!!

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