Top 5 Posts – January 2015

Top 5 Posts – January 2015

In the month of January, I had guest posts over on sites like and where the articles I’ve written garnered views in the six figures and thousands of social shares.  It was an amazing month!  Here on my blog, I continue to see an increase in the number of people stopping by to check out the content.  Thank you for continuing to be a faithful reader and for sharing my content with your friends, families, co-workers, neighbors and everyone else!

Here are the Top 5 Posts from January 2015:

5. 10 Daily Habits Of Highly Productive Leaders

4. 3 Things That Introverted Leaders Have To Work Harder At To Be Successful

3. 6 Attributes Of People That Leaders Love To Lead

2. 3 Thoughts I Had This Year On My Birthday

1. 5 Things I Wish I Knew About Marriage BEFORE I Got Married

Which one was your favorite?  Is the one you like most not here?  Comment below and let me know…

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