Thank you so much for your interest in submitting a guest post here on my blog!  I’m excited and honored by your interest!  Here are the guidelines:


Your guest post must be on one or more of the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • Faith
  • Introverts
  • Ministry


  1. Your post must be original and not previously published either on the Web or in print.
  2. You agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or Web site. You may, however, post a brief “tease” or summary on your site that links to the post.
  3. You may provide up to three links: one for your blog or Web site, one for your bio or About page, and one for your Twitter username (optional).
  4. Your post should be at least 400 words long and no more than 1,000 words.


  • I will provide final editing to your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
  • I will provide a brief introduction to your blog post explaining why it’s on my blog.


I reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish a guest post submitted for approval.


If your post meets the above guidelines:

  • Please email it to Tim.
  • Please include the size of your readership: number of blog readers, Facebook friends or fans, and Twitter followers.
  • Please include ideas for a featured image to go along with the post to match the style of my posts.
  • Please confirm that you are willing to engage with readers in the comments about your post.
  • Please send the final guest post in a Microsoft Word Document format.

Thanks for your interest!

Tim Parsons


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